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Wetlands & Streambanks

The WHY of me using the blog for my soapbox, To share the Grasslander philosophy, is based on my past mentors and life's experiences... They seem to be screaming at me to share what I have learned through the years... It is important that their teachings not go by the wayside...

  • Don Grimes, My Dad
  • Neal Stidham, Range Conservationist
  • Lyle Shingleton, Soil Scientist
  • Allen Moss, Range Conservationist
  • Hubert Mobley, Soil Scientist
  • Harlan Dietz, Range Conservationist
  • Darwin Hedges, Range Conservationist
  • Fred Whitington, Range Conservationist
  • Chester Fry, Range Conservationist
  • John Pewters, Range Conservationist
  • David Angle, Range Conservationist
  • Clarence Kingery, Range Conservationist
  • Jerry Crockett, Ecology Professor
  • Don Dwyer, Range Management Professor

Although I can't blame all of my thoughts and sharings on them, they were instrumental in my formative years and help create what I find to be true today...

In the immortal words of Winston Churchill...

Never Give Up...